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Course Description

The school week consists of drawing up designs which will be suitable for a tattoo, colouring techniques, difference in needles and what they are used for. Throughout these courses, the pupil will receive handouts on tattooing, the industry and all knowledge about the apparatus required. Throughout the duration of the course, students will be taught legislation/regulations of professional tattooing.

Students will also be taught how to dismantle and reassemble tattoo machines so that they get a deeper understanding of how they run and learn various parts of the machine. This will help the pupil in future if they need to change coils, springs, armature bars, etc. All tattooing on a human skin will be carried out in one of our licensed tattoo studios. As a tattooist, you can earn between £40-£180p/h.


IIf you have a friend or a relative to practice on, you and the person you are practising on has to be over 18 years of age. Proof of photo id may be required. A disclaimer will be required to be filled in prior to tattooing.


If you require accommodation please go on to our student accommodation page for our recommended hotels. Please note you will need to book directly with the hotels. Hotels listed on the website are 5 minute walk from the campus.

Tattoo equipment is available from our student store.

If you require pick up from airport you must enter what airport, flight number and terminal in the 'comments' when booking.

You will get familiarised with the artist and basics of what you need to tattoo, machines, how they operate and the difference between machines i.e. liners, shaders, rotary, etc. This week also comes with handouts and colouring exercises including techniques.


  • Using needles and the different jobs that they do and how they are made
  • Learning about inks, shading inks and their pigments
  • How to get an image from paper to skin ready to tattoo
  • Solutions, creams and cleaning supplies
  • Maintenance of Machinery
  • Actual tattooing on practice skin

This school week, you will get more hands-on and get to going with the actual tattooing. You will gain knowledge on setting up the machines, as well as how to choose the right machine for the job. You will also get more comfortable with the right grips and select the right tube for the needle.


  • Allocating the right design for the area to work well as a tattoo
  • Making a design and getting knowledge of how to get design from paper to skin
  • Cleaning and preparation of skin prior to tattooing i.e. shave hair, clean skin, apply stencil fluid and etc
  • Recapping on sterilization and the importance of a clean sanitized studio
  • How a tattoo studio works and how best to get started
  • Bring a friend or relative to practice tattooing on
  • Learning colours i.e. blending shading: what colours will and will not cover each other
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